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No new Lady Spectra this week, but here's a rarely-seen Spectra drawing from 2012 to tide you over. "Witching Hour" will continue next week, so help me...


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It's a new storyline for LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY, as the bewitching Bruja comes to town:


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Happy 2017

Jan. 2nd, 2017 01:09 am
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Lady Spectra takes a look back, before forging ahead into the new year:


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The wrap-up of the latest LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY storyline:


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My pal Robin Childs does a clever thing (actually, she does all kinds of clever things, but I'm thinking of one in particular): Whenever she completes a chapter of her comic LeyLines, she runs a special "Feedback Day" to ask her readers how she did. In that spirit, allow me to pick your collective brains about the latest Lady Spectra story, "Balance":

1. We got to see a little of Spectra & Sparky's "civilian" life (as Paula & Jill) this time out. Is that something you'd like to see more of?

2. "Balance" was made up of two parallel stories, with Spectra/Paula's actions on the top half of the page, and Sparky/Jill's on the bottom. Was that clear enough, or did you find it hard to follow?

3. We didn't learn much about the evil "Brain Bug" that Sparky battled. Were you let down or confused because you didn't get a full explanation of the critter?

4. Be honest: Was anyone really worried that our heroines were going to give up crimefighting in favor of Olympic gymnastics? :D

(Feel free to comment on anything else that struck you as cool / uncool.)


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