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If you're a movie buff, an illustration buff, or both, this one's for you:

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A lot of my cartoonist buddies swear by this program, and right now it's on sale for 15 bucks. Time for me to take the plunge, I guess...
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Solid, basic advice to keep in mind when composing an image:

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I usually have one of Chris Oatley's podcasts running in the background while I'm drawing -- always informative and inspirational!

More at http://chrisoatley.com/
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So how was Vermeer able to create such breathtakingly realistic paintings? This guy has a theory, and went to extreme lengths to test it out:

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Just got word that Dungeons & Dragons artist David A. Trampier has passed away. His work was all over the classic 1st edition AD&D books, including the iconic Players Handbook cover. Besides his flair for dramatic illustration, he was a hell of a cartoonist; his "Wormy" strip (which ran for years in Dragon Magazine) was a brilliant mix of fantasy, gaming, and meta-humor that was way ahead of its time. As a young gamer and aspiring artist, Trampier's work was a real inspiration. Rest in Peace, "DAT".
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Tracy J. Butler, ace artist of Lackadaisy, lays out the principles and practices of good character design:

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This is becoming an increasingly common problem for artists all across the web: Work being reposted with the credits removed. Here's the sad story of an artist who's comic strip went viral, but she got almost no benefit from it because her URL got stripped out:


I know I've done it, and you probably have too: You see a cute comic or a cool illustration on Tumblr or Facebook, and you hit "Share" without thinking much about where it originally came from. This is a good reminder to try to find the original source for such images (Google reverse image search FTW!) so the creator gets their props.
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My old buddy Will Terrell talks about learning to draw and making a career out of cartooning:

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What was I doing in 1983? Same thing I do every night, Pinky...

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Master doodler Will Terrell lays it out for you:

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A friend of mine just unearthed these drawings from... c.1991, I think? I used to do lots of these sketches for our old roleplaying game campaigns, but I have absolutely no recollection of drawing these, or who the characters are supposed to be.

Possibly NSFW... I honestly don't know if those are man-boobs or not... )
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I don't know where someone even comes up with the idea of making miniature models of old-fashioned recording equipment out of cardboard. But I'm glad they did.

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Besides being a terrific cartoonist, Larry Johnson is also an accomplished painter. Here's a slideshow of some of his landscapes:


Larry's website: http://larryjohnsonartist.com/


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