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Jojanne over on DeviantArt did this neat Lady Spectra pic:

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I got tagged in the "Five Day Art Challenge", where you post 3 pieces of art a day for 5 days. I'm starting off with 3 pieces of fan art I did in back in the '90s:
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Taking a breather for the holidays.
"Point of No Return" will continue next week.
Meanwhile, enjoy this bit of vintage Glori fan art by Will Terrell:

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Speaking of the ComicFury art exchange, here's the awesome LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY piece that I got from Crystal Circle:

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I drew the characters from the webcomic "Silver" for the ComicFury Summer Fan Art Exchange! Check it out:

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I took part in a random art exchange over at ComicFury.

Shastab24 drew Glorianna:

and I drew the characters from kyte114's "Magic Rising":

It was an interesting and fun challenge. I need to do more of this sort of thing.
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Lora Innes of The Dreamer is having a fan art contest, so I had to jump in:

The Dreamer fan art contest entry
by JKCarrier on deviantART
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I added a fan art section to the GLORIANNA site, including a great new piece by Joe Kleinman (creator of the webcomic "Wootlabs"):

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I drew a page for Zach Jordan's webcomic HEXX:


(My page is fairly tame, but the rest of the site does have some NSFW material)
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Check out the pin-up I drew for Robin Dempsey's webcomic LEYLINES:

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I submitted a guest strip for Danielle Corsetto's "Girls With Slingshots"...I didn't make the cut, but you can see my strip here, along with the other runners-up:

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Feel like I'm in a bit of a rut, doing comics pages all the time, so I'm trying to squeeze in a few stand-alone illos:

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Al Schroeder's terrific webcomic "Mindmistress" recently wrapped up after a ten-year run. I drew a bit of fan art to commemorate the occasion, and Al has it up on the webpage:

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A while back, Danielle Corsetto of "Girls With Slingshots" put out a call for guest strips. She needed a week's worth...and got over 100 submissions. Yikes. Now you can see them all (including mine) on Flickr:

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Lightning Lad, from the 1960s-era Legion of Superheroes. Spot illo for an upcoming issue of Jim Main's zine "DC Universe".


Sep. 28th, 2010 10:38 pm
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Third and last of the sketches I did to celebrate 15,000 hits on Deviant Art. Lisa's character, br0ken:


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