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Sylv and Larime are a couple of good folks and outstanding artists. Sylv could really use some help paying for her cancer treatments. Please spread the word, and give if you can:

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You've probably seen the photo: African-American runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith on the winner's podium at the 1968 Summer Olympics, giving the "Black Power" salute as they receive their medals. It was a powerful statement, and is rightly remembered as an iconic image of the Civil Rights Movement.

But there was a third man on that podium: Australian Peter Norman. And the story of the small part he played in that incident (and the large price he paid for it) ought to be remembered too:

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Here's a chance to get a boatload of digital comics for next-to-nothin' (including books by Gail Simone, Warren Ellis, Alex Ross, and other top talents). Plus, you'll be benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It's a win-win.

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Larime Taylor is the fantastic cartoonist behind Top Cow Comics' "A Voice In the Dark". He and his wife are both severely disabled, and living on a shoestring budget. Being able to relocate from California to Las Vegas would make a big difference in their lives (closer to relatives who can help out, much cheaper cost of living). But moving costs money. Please help spread the word, and chip in if you can:

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Patty Cryan runs a successful bookstore that's been growing every year. But a temporary setback (involving healthcare, naturally) is threatening her solvency, and she could use a little help getting over the hump. Pitch in if you can:

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Matt Feazell, the Zen Master of Stick Figures, has a new book coming out. You can help make it a reality:

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This made me smile and pissed me off at the same time:


For crying out loud. How is this even an issue? Us geeks are supposed to be the *smart*, *broad-minded* ones. What kind of heart-three-sizes-too-small Grinch do you have to be to view the influx of women into fandom as anything but awesome? Glad to see women *and* men making some noise about this issue, though.
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I'm a big fan of Christine Smith's comics "Eve's Apple" and "The Princess". Her latest project is "Pay It No Mind!", which she describes as "a webcomic history of gender outsiders", and it looks like another winner. Check it out:

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If you pay any attention to the comics industry, you've probably heard that DC Comics is publishing a new Superman comic featuring work by sci-fi author and notorious anti-gay-rights activist Orson Scott Card. Needless to say, there's been considerable backlash, with calls for boycotts and several comics shops refusing to carry the book. I understand and sympathize with that point of view, even if I can't fully agree with it.

To be clear: Orson Scott Card is a vile excuse for a human being, and I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. And I certainly have no intention of buying this book, or anything else Card works on. But any time people start organizing in an attempt to suppress speech -- even the most disgusting, hateful speech -- I get nervous. I'm a firm believer in the principle that "the solution to bad speech is more speech". Card gets to spew his horrifying bullshit, and I get to call him an asshole. God bless America.

Still, it's distressing to think of this guy using Superman money to fund his evil agenda. The folks at Chicago's "Challengers Comics + Conversation" shop have come up with, I think, a rather elegant solution: They're donating 100% of their profits on this book to the Human Rights Campaign. More details here:


I especially like this bit: "Our profits per book are more than his royalties per book, so, like, double f**k him".

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This is a nasty bit of business:


I'm not telling anyone what to do, but if you plan to attend Dragon Con, you should know where your money is going. Read up on the case, and follow your own conscience.
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Freelancers who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits:

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For a limited time, you can download a free scary story written and read by Neil Gaiman. For every download, Audible.com will make a donation to charity:

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The saddest thing you'll read all day. Prolific comicbook writer Bill Mantlo, severely injured by a hit-and-run driver, and his family's struggle to take care of him:

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A vintage "public service" ad that is (sadly) still very relevant:

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Rachel Nabors [livejournal.com profile] crowhen is auctioning off an impressive all-star sketchbook to help pay for her jaw surgery:


Help out if you can.
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Awesome Marvel black light posters:

A look back at the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the book factory responsible for the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, et. al.:

Every designer wishes they had the nerve to say this to clients:

Venture Bros. production art being auctioned off to help victims of the Gulf oil spill:

Neil Gaiman manuscript w/ sketches by Colleen Doran being auctioned off to benefit the Hero Initiative:
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Just a reminder, Lisa Jonte could still use some help getting through a financial crunch:


And while you're at it, you can help out Dave Cockrum's widow Paty by buying some of his comics collection:

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The benefit auction for Karen Ellis (the webcartoonist who lost everything in an apartment fire) is on now:



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