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One man's quest to fulfill a childhood dream. God bless 'im. I love stories like this:

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Lego and Doom...two great tastes that taste great together!

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This is fun: Someone cooked up statistics for Glorianna for the "Mutants & Masterminds" game. I don't know enough about that system to judge the accuracy, but it's a kick that someone liked the strip enough to go to the trouble:

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Add this to the long list of crafts I'd love to learn, but will probably never get around to:

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I was looking at some Silver Age Superman stories, and noticed how often they featured flashbacks of (or time travel to) Krypton. Not to mention the Bottle City of Kandor, the Phantom Zone, and other strays showing up. I started wondering just how many Kryptonians we had seen over the years (Spoiler alert: A lot). What follows is an attempt to catalog every native Kryptonian from the Pre-Crisis era. Additions and corrections welcome.
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Carol Strickland has put up all 4 issues of her 1970s Wonder Woman fanzine HOLA! as downloadable PDFs. A neat slice of fandom history.

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Doctor Who makes a surprisingly good musical.

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This is pretty wild...a fan-made Spider-Man film from 1969! Not the most sophisticated SFX, but you have to admire their ambition:

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Amazing recreation of the old Jonny Quest cartoon opening:

also check out the behind-the-scenes blog: http://www.rogerevans.tv/jq_page2.html
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I love this song anyway...add in a bunch of loud & proud nerds and it gets even better!

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A neat fan-made Doctor Who anime...complete with bishounen Jon Pertwee.

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Two tributes: one serious, one funny. The amount of work, inspiration, and pure fannish love poured into both of them impresses the hell out of me:

The Mutant Problem - A photo essay by Peter Parker

The Ballad of G.I. Joe

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Interesting look at the thought process behind a fantasy novel cover:
(spotted by [livejournal.com profile] laylalawlor)

Student film based on Rugg and Maruca's STREET ANGEL:

Fan-made Doctor Who anime:
(spotted by Newsarama)


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