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are available exclusively through Indy Planet!

Order print or digital copies here!

Issues #1-22 are still available directly from me (see below).
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It was pointed out to me that the latest GLORIANNA update was page #500. So there's a thing. Huh.
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So someone got to my site by typing "lady spectra bdsm" into Google.
I'll know I've finally "arrived" when you can type that into a search engine and actually get back something relevant... :/
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LiveJournal spam comment of the day:

"Learn Jewish Torah Study with Reb Moshe of Safed, Tzfat Israel. [website redacted]"

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Any Russian speakers out there? Someone got referred to my webcomic by doing a search for "леди спектра". I hope it's not dirty...
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It's always interesting (or "interesting") to see what Google search terms are leading people to my comics:

Most of these are self-explanatory. The Disney Gargoyles references (I get a ton of these) come from Will Terrell's fan art, where I mentioned that he worked on the Gargoyles comics.

"Teen boat"? Dave Roman and John Green do a webcomic by that name, but how you get from there to my stuff, I dunno.

"Sexting"? Your guess is as good as mine.

"Crap"? Like I said, self-explanatory. ;-)
(actually, it probably comes from the dialogue on this page)
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"Red Oak Kid" over at the Comic Book Resources Forum managed to dig up a copy of Wizard #36. It turns out my "contribution" was just a short fan letter, complimenting Tom Palmer Jr.'s indy comix column.

Never mind! :)
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So I'm looking up something online, and I come across this site, which credits me as one of the writers in Wizard Magazine #36, back in 1994. I have no idea what this could possibly be, as I don't remember ever having any contact with Wizard, much less writing for them.

Is there an online index or something that would tell me the contents of this issue in more detail? I am intrigued (and concerned about my creeping senility). I see they've got one on eBay for five bucks, I should just buy the damned thing...

Oh, lovely

Nov. 1st, 2008 01:12 am
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AOL has apparently decided to shut down their webhosting service. Without notice. So the Fantasy Theater homepage has gone "poof". Yay. At least I had all the files backed up.

Ah well, I've been meaning to get a "real" URL for ages anyway. Anyone have recommendations for a good, cheap, and easy-to-use webhosting service?
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...I'm back on MySpace. No, I don't know why either. Feel free to add me:

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Well, my computer's working again (knock wood), and I'm slowly catching up on everything. Thanks to the guys at JR Computer Outlet for getting me back up and running after Best Buy dropped the ball.
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Apparently, my motherboard is shot. It's so old (4 whole years!) that they don't make that kind any more. Anyone know any decent, trustworthy sources for old computer parts? (It's an Asus SKV8 something-something...) I probably should just break down and buy a new system, but I've already replaced the hard drive and power supply on this one, it'd be nice if I could get a few more years out of it.

Anyway, no Fantasy Theater #19 for Wizard Chicago. I will have a little freebie Glorianna minicomic that I banged together over the weekend (plus the usual back issues, etc.).

The Glorianna webcomic will continue in black-and-white for the time being (Monday's strip is up now -- sorry for the delay). I'll go back and swap in color versions once I'm up and running again.

Hope to see some of you in Chicago. Apologies in advance if I am more spaced out than usual.
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Computer is in the shop, so my internet presence will by spotty for the next few days. Yes, this is marvelous timing, and yes it's likely that Fantasy Theater #19 will not get done in time for Wizard Chicago. My own fault for cutting it so close, naturally. Bleh.
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Blarg. It appears that changing the strip's settings caused the RSS feed to puke up the whole archive again. Apologies to anyone who's aggregator got flooded.
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If you checked out the new Glori page earlier today and saw the black-and-white version, the color version is up now. Sorry about that.

I also changed the strip's display settings -- it should now only show one page at a time (with forward/back links, and a calendar to help you zero in on a specific page), instead of the whole story at once. Hopefully that'll make life easier for any dial-up users out there. Let me know if anyone has a strong preference to one navigation system over the other.

Back again

Aug. 13th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Hopefully my phone and internet are finally straightened out. I have yet another new phone number now, so if you need it, pop me an email. Apologies to anyone who's tried to get hold of me for the past week.

Had a good time at the Wizard Chicago show. More later, after I get caught up on my emails...


Aug. 5th, 2007 02:30 pm
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And I'm back. Remind me never to move again. Phone still isn't hooked up, but at least I have internet. So, did I miss anything?
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Just to let everyone know, I'm in the process of moving. As of August 1st, my new address will be:

J. Kevin Carrier
1800 Leven Lane
Milford, OH 45150

Unfortunately, my phone and internet won't be hooked up until August 5th, so I'll be out of touch from the 1st to the 5th. If you need my new phone #, just drop me a line. Email will remain the same.

The Glorianna strips are all uploaded, so you should see the updates on Monday and Friday as normal. I probably won't be able to do my usual non-sequitur update spam announcements, though. I know you're crushed. ;-)

And yes, I'm still planning to attend the Wizard Chicago Con on August 10-12. I'll be at Artist Alley table #5220. If I look a little more shell-shocked than usual this year, you'll know why...
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It appears my MySpace account has been deleted. God only knows why. I wasn't using it for much anyway, so I'll probably just let it stay dead. As always, you can find me here, as well as on DeviantArt, ComicSpace, and The Engine Network. Until they decide they don't want me around either...
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The Glorianna webcomic is chugging right along. We're about a month away from the conclusion of "Children of Woe", and the second storyline, "The Iron Oasis" will begin immediately afterwards. The stats show a small but steady stream of visitors, so that's enouraging (I have no idea what's considered good numbers for a webcomic; the control panel at Webcomicsnation shows a daily average for all their strips -- I'm usually a little above that on the days I update, and otherwise a bit below).

The next question is, do I want to start putting other stuff up? I wouldn't mind getting the Lady Spectra stories online -- I've got more pages of that than anything else. But there's only so many hours in a day, so adding Spectra would probably mean knocking Glorianna back to once a week (It'd be like, Glori on Mondays, Spectra on Fridays).

Anyone have opinions one way or the other?


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