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Quick thoughts on some of the old comics I picked up at Wizard World Chicago:
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A road trip to Wizard World Chicago used to be an annual tradition for me and my buddies Karen and John. But for various reasons, I haven't gone since 2008. This year, our schedules fell into place and we decided to make a whirlwind trip, driving up god-awfully early on Saturday morning and coming back Sunday evening. I was curious to see how things had changed since the last time I was there.
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The fact that this even needs to be said is infuriating. Being at a convention does not excuse you from the rules of civilized behavior. Be polite and respectful. Keep your hands to yourself. If you want a picture, ask. This is not rocket science.
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Bob Corby could use a little help funding the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo's annual anthology comic:

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This is a nasty bit of business:


I'm not telling anyone what to do, but if you plan to attend Dragon Con, you should know where your money is going. Read up on the case, and follow your own conscience.
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If you're at San Diego Comic-Con, be sure to visit Spike Trotman at Blank Label Booth 1330. Mainly because her comics are awesome. But also because, due to a screw-up by the post office, she had to go to a lot of extra trouble (and expense) to get her books to the show. So cheer her up with your dollars.
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You'd expect a snarky comedian like Jillette to poke fun at the geeky excesses of Comic-Con. Just the opposite, as it turns out.

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Found this while I was going through some old art:
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This was an ad I put together to promote Dave Sim's "Spirits of Independence Tour" back in 1995. I exhibited at the Columbus, Wilmette, and Pittsburgh shows. As I recall, the turnout was pretty underwhelming, but it was a blast commiserating with like-minded cartoonists. For a brief moment it felt like we were part of a genuine Comics Revolution that would overthrow the Big Two and create a Self-Publishing Paradise. You can guess how that worked out.

Still, it's nice to look over this list of hot young self-publishers and realize that most of them are still around and doing creative work of one kind or another (Drew Hayes sadly passed away a few years back). And thanks to the new medium of webcomics, we have a whole new generation of cartoonists who take their creative autonomy for granted. Of course, finding a way to make that work pay is still a challenge, but some things never change...
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I didn't have a table at the S.P.A.C.E. con this year, but I did hang around a little while on Sunday, catching up with old friends and buying/selling/trading our comics. I am always pleasantly surprised when alt-comix folks express interest in my mainstreamy adventure material (I think some of them are just being polite, but I take their money anyway). Here's a quick rundown of some of the folks I talked to and books I came home with:

Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo
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via Dan Taylor and Poopsheet:

If the slideshow doesn't work, the pictures are here:
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I make a brief appearance in Rafer Roberts' latest video podcast:

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The SPACE con is this weekend in Columbus. I'm not exhibiting this year, but I will be wandering around on Saturday with copies of the new Fantasy Theater.
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Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Spotted this picture over at the SPACE Con photo page.

L to R: Troy Boyle, Tomm Gabbard, and yers truly. I hadn't seen these guys in probably 15 years, back when we were all working on an anthology comic called NUANCE.

SPACE 2009

Apr. 21st, 2009 12:49 pm
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SPACE was a great time! Within five minutes of sitting down, I was given two pieces of beautiful original artwork by Gary Gibeaut and George Lane. Now that's how you start off a convention! And that set the tone for the weekend, which was full of camaraderie and community and old friends.
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I had completely forgotten about this short interview I did at last year's Wizard Chicago Con:

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John DiBello on sexual harassment at the San Diego Comic-Con:

Batman video made from old silent movies:

Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's fashion/romance comic for New York Magazine:
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Well, my computer's working again (knock wood), and I'm slowly catching up on everything. Thanks to the guys at JR Computer Outlet for getting me back up and running after Best Buy dropped the ball.
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Apparently, my motherboard is shot. It's so old (4 whole years!) that they don't make that kind any more. Anyone know any decent, trustworthy sources for old computer parts? (It's an Asus SKV8 something-something...) I probably should just break down and buy a new system, but I've already replaced the hard drive and power supply on this one, it'd be nice if I could get a few more years out of it.

Anyway, no Fantasy Theater #19 for Wizard Chicago. I will have a little freebie Glorianna minicomic that I banged together over the weekend (plus the usual back issues, etc.).

The Glorianna webcomic will continue in black-and-white for the time being (Monday's strip is up now -- sorry for the delay). I'll go back and swap in color versions once I'm up and running again.

Hope to see some of you in Chicago. Apologies in advance if I am more spaced out than usual.
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Just a reminder that, as usual, I'll be set up in Artist Alley at the Wizard Chicago show June 26-29. My table number is 5810 B, over by the loading dock. Come by and say hi!
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My ol' pal Will Terrell is organizing a comics show in Lubbock, Texas to coincide with Free Comic Book Day:


You folks down in the area, show up and give Will a wedgie for me, 'kay? :-)


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