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If you like Doctor Who and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is your lucky day...!

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Does an old painting hold a clue as to what became of Rory and Amy after "The Angels Take Manhattan"? (spoilers, natch)

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Doctor Who makes a surprisingly good musical.

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Feel like I'm in a bit of a rut, doing comics pages all the time, so I'm trying to squeeze in a few stand-alone illos:

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Heh heh. Now when are we gonna get new episodes, dang it?

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"I play a slide guitar now. Slide guitars are cool."

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If you're a DW fan, there's nothing here you didn't already know, but it's interesting seeing the whole history laid out in one big chart:

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I'm surprised these haven't surfaced before. A couple of funny behind-the-scenes videos done at the end of David Tennant's run on Doctor Who:


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I have decided that the BBC should make a Lady Spectra & Sparky tv show. And they should cast Alex Kingston and Caitlin Blackwood in it. That is all.
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A neat fan-made Doctor Who anime...complete with bishounen Jon Pertwee.

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Craig Ferguson goofs on Doctor Who, but then manages a beautiful summation of what it's all about:

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Interesting look at the thought process behind a fantasy novel cover:
(spotted by [livejournal.com profile] laylalawlor)

Student film based on Rugg and Maruca's STREET ANGEL:

Fan-made Doctor Who anime:
(spotted by Newsarama)
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Classic advertising illustrations up for auction:
(via Colleen Doran)

Real-life buildings used as Bond villain lairs:
(via Eddie Campbell)

The BBC Archive explores the origins of Doctor Who:
(via Neil Gaiman)
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Update on my Dalek Wallpaper quest: Victory!

This is the image I was looking for:


The version I had before was just the top half (Pertwee and Manning were cut off), but this is definitely it. I distinctly remember that building with the odd gold veins running through it. Nice big scan, too. Yay!

I love you, internet.
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I don't know why I suddenly thought of this today, but now it's bugging me.

Many years (and several computers) ago, I had this awesome desktop wallpaper of the Daleks. It was an illustration, painted in that lurid, trashy 1950s-1960s style, ala "Mars Attacks". There was a large Dalek in the foreground, and then other smaller ones in the background, all scooting around on elevated walkways in some futuristic city. I think it might have been the box illustration for some old toy or model kit.

Anyway, it was really cool, and now that I remember it, I'd love to find it again. Haven't had any luck with Google. Anyone know the image I'm talking about, or maybe know a good place to search for such things?


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