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So, I entered this contest to win a free drawing by Dan Butcher, of "Vanguard" fame. If y'all could swing by and cast a vote for Lady Spectra, I'd sure appreciate it:

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Making comics is mostly a pretty straightforward process. You come up with an idea, write a script, draw it (or trick someone else into drawing it for you), and toss it up on the internet. Boom. Done.

But the most recent Lady Spectra story, "Changing Spots", went through some weird twists and turns on the way from concept to finished product. I thought people might enjoy a peek behind the curtain. SPOILERS AHEAD.
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Jojanne over on DeviantArt did this neat Lady Spectra pic:

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Lady Spectra's policeman pal Lt. Kominksy makes a cameo appearance in the latest episode of THOMAS & ZACHARY:

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For those who missed it the first time around...Lady Spectra & Sparky made a brief cameo in the webcomic epic "Crossoverlord":


And then I drew this response, showing what happened after:

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Speaking of the ComicFury art exchange, here's the awesome LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY piece that I got from Crystal Circle:

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And here's the new site for LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY:


The most recent strips are already there, and I'll be filling in the rest of the archives asap.

If you use an RSS reader, the feed is: http://ladyspectra.webcomic.ws/rss/
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Cartoon Network, have your people call my people...

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Those of you who follow my comics: What's your favorite Glorianna story?
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and your favorite Lady Spectra & Sparky story?
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Steven Myers reveals how the Lady Spectra - Lizard Man team-up came to be. Namely, he did all the work, and I took all the credit... ;-)

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The new issue of FANTASY THEATER is here!

This issue features a brand-new LADY SPECTRA story by me and Steven Myers, guest-starring Steven's own reptilian brawler, LIZARD MAN! Together, our heroes face the menace of the sinister POISON IVORY, and the all-powerful GODMOTHER!

Also in this issue, GLORIANNA is caught in a war between the sword-wielding amazons of the OJHAL, and the hi-tech cult of SYONS! And what Glori learns in the heat of battle will shock her to her core!

Plus, as always, we have our extensive letters column and fan art section!

For this issue, I am (gasp!) sticking a toe into the 21st century, and making the book available through the online distributor INDY PLANET. Which means color covers and quality printing on nice paper, plus the ability to order via credit card. If this goes over well, look for future (and possibly past) issues to be turn up there as well. Be sure to let me know what you think!

You can order FANTASY THEATER #23 here:

or if you'd prefer a digital download version, go here:
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So someone got to my site by typing "lady spectra bdsm" into Google.
I'll know I've finally "arrived" when you can type that into a search engine and actually get back something relevant... :/
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So it turns out that, unlike Wikipedia, TV Tropes doesn't care about "notability", nor do they mind if you write your own entries. So I spent some time figuring out their format and markup code, and created these:


If you're a Troper, feel free to go in and add any tropes I missed!
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Hey, it's Lady Spectra's invisibility cloak!

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For contributing to the Plastic Farm Kickstarter campaign, Rafer Roberts drew me up this sketch card. Pretty swanky.

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This story has been sitting around half-finished for ages, finally making some progress on it.
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A drawing I did for my buddy John:


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