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The 1940s Superman cartoons are still one of the best interpretations of the character ever:

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This is pretty awesome:
DC Comics editor E. Nelson Bridwell once put together a Kryptonian alphabet, based on the random squiggles that had appeared in the comics. Now it's been turned into a font:

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I was looking at some Silver Age Superman stories, and noticed how often they featured flashbacks of (or time travel to) Krypton. Not to mention the Bottle City of Kandor, the Phantom Zone, and other strays showing up. I started wondering just how many Kryptonians we had seen over the years (Spoiler alert: A lot). What follows is an attempt to catalog every native Kryptonian from the Pre-Crisis era. Additions and corrections welcome.
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I love the Composite Superman. He's like something a five-year-old would come up with: "He's, like, Superman and Batman put together! And he has, like, every super-power, ever!"
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Be sure to visit Spacebooger.com over the weekend to vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight!

(Art by Curt Swan and George Klein, from World's Finest Comics #168, 1967)
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Jessica Alba - Smarter than you thought:
(link swiped from Jeremy Lassen)

Gene Ha is compiling (without comment) fan annotations of the new Top Ten series. I contributed a few:

Note to DC - I would buy the hell out of a Richard Sala Batgirl comic:

The folks at Ka-Blam are getting into the distribution business:
(link swiped from Newsarama)

A look at the Superman cartoons of the 1940s, and the parodies they inspired:
(link swiped from Mark Evanier)
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(see other peoples' choices here)

Superman #14
Fred Ray

A classic character, an iconic pose, and terrific execution. What more could you want? A lot of Golden Age artwork shows more enthusiasm than skill, but this is downright slick. The anatomy is tight, the eagle is convincing, and the dramatic lighting looks like the sort of thing Wally Wood became famous for a decade or so later. I'm not too familiar with Fred Ray's other work, but it's hard to imagine a better summing up of the early spirit of Superman. You probably couldn't get away with anything this unashamedly patriotic and gung-ho war today, and that's perhaps for the best. But as a statement of firm resolve and a ray of hope in a troubled time, this image certainly delivers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
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Friday Night Fights is back, and louder than ever! With Bahlactus enjoying his well-earned retirement, Spacebooger has stepped up to host the blogosphere's favorite weekly smackdown:

(art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott, from MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #28, 1981)
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Rising to Eddie Campbell's challenge, Alan David Doane lists 100 graphic novels worth reading:

Was Stan Lee undermining Jack Kirby's capable heroines? U Decide:
(spotted by When Fangirls Attack)

Von Allan's new graphic novel "Li'l Kids" is now available:

Vote for Twilight Guardian in the Top Cow "Pilot Season" poll, cuz Troy Hickman iz awsum:

Wow! An earlier version of Superman by Jerry Siegel and Russell Keaton, before Joe Shuster came on board. The origin has some interesting differences:
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In honor of Superman's 70th birthday, it is only fitting that we spotlight the Original Superhero Smackdown. Often imitated, never duplicated. Man of Steel vs. Detroit Steel:

And thus, a legend is born! Art by Joe Shuster, natch, from Action Comics #1, June 1938

(Never ask Bahlactus to pimp your ride)
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Better put this one behind a cut, it's pretty large. Couldn't stand to shrink it down any more:

Wonder Woman debates Superman on the finer points of nuclear arms control, from ALL-NEW COLLECTORS' EDITION #C-54, 1978. Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Dan Adkins.

It's another Friday Night Fight, sponsored by the one and only Bahlactus.


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