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A lot of my cartoonist buddies swear by this program, and right now it's on sale for 15 bucks. Time for me to take the plunge, I guess...
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So I got an invite to this hip new "Ello" thing. Dunno how much I'll be using it, but feel free to add me if you're on there:

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If you use Google Reader, time to start looking for alternatives:


Anyone got recommendations for a good RSS feed reader?
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Japanese commercial for some kind of anti-virus gizmo. You have to admire their honesty about who they're marketing to:

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I dunno how this works, but it's impressive:

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"Watson has lots in common with a top-ranked human Jeopardy! player: It's very smart, very fast, speaks in an uneven monotone, and has never known the touch of a woman."
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Nostalgia for old computer geeks...a look back at Photoshop splash screens:

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To summarize:

China, Russia, et. al.: "Bwah-hah-ha! We will use trumped-up "anti-piracy" charges to stifle political dissent!"

Microsoft: "Hey, man, being dicks about software piracy is OUR job. Back off."
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I had no idea how much "green screen" and CGI was being used, even in non-sci-fi tv shows:

(spotted by Kevin Church)


Dec. 20th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Via Neil Gaiman's blog:
You think of a person (real or fictional) and it tries to guess their identity. It's scary how quickly it can zero in on the answer. The closest I've come to stumping it was with Eddie Murphy...it guessed "Tracy Morgan" at first, but eventually got it right.
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Scary before-and-after photo retouching (see "Portfolio" section):
(via Occasional Superheroine)

Paul Sizer's BPM video podcast, part 1:

LiveJournal stream of consciousness:
(via [livejournal.com profile] the_resa)

Congratulations to the Ignatz Awards winners:
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Retailer Brian Hibbs talks about the proliferation of trade paperbacks, and the resulting problems with inventory management. Scott Cederlund follows up and wonders if trades really are the future after all.

Thinking about that, taking into account things like Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited, the rise of print-on-demand technology, and with a nod towards the fans making their own custom-bound hardcovers, this is my crackpot, pie-in-the-sky idea:

Let's say you're the #1 fan of Paste-Pot Pete. You'd like nothing better than to have a nice trade collecting all his appearances. Marvel is unlikely to publish such a thing, but through the magic of JKC's Vision of the Future, it is now possible! You go to Marvel's website and access a gigantic database that cross-references their entire back catalog. You do a search for "Paste-Pot Pete", and it kicks back a list of every comic he's ever been in (and the database is also smart enough to know that he's a.k.a. "The Trapster"). You check off the ones you want, leaving out minor cameos and that one Marvel Team-Up where Ghost Rider makes him cry like a baby. You have standards, after all. The web page keeps a running tally of how much this will cost, and also warns you if the page count goes over what can be bound in a single volume. Once you've got your line-up settled, the software generates a table of contents/credits page, prompts you pick a cover image to go on the front (Gene Colan FTW!), and lets you type in a title that will be printed on the spine ("I'm The Goddamn Paste-Pot Pete! Vol. 1"). You cough up your credit card info, the magical Print-On-Demand Elves print and bind your one-of-a-kind treasure, and within days it is shipped to your door. (While I'm dreaming, there could also be kiosks set up at bookstores and comics shops where you could make your selections and have the book printed right there while-u-wait.)

For popular material (Watchmen, Dark Phoenix Saga, etc.), the publishers would already have the collections set up for you, with custom covers and extras like sketches, creator interviews, etc. Also, just like users can upload their favorite mixes to iTunes, fans could share the collections they've put together, perhaps including their own annotations and scholarly essays on why Paste-Pot Pete rules the universe.

I know, I'm crazy. And the techology probably isn't up to the task at this point. But I still think it would be cool.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ok, not really. But this Atari 2600 Label Maker is a hoot.

(Link courtesy of Dave's Long Box)
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So, the latest version of iTunes has this feature where it'll find the album cover art for any songs in your library that don't already have it. Cool. Of course, they don't have everything, so I was left with a lot of blank spots still. Even though that never particularly bothered me before, now all of a sudden I was determined to fill in all the holes. So I started poking around the internet finding pictures, or just scanning them off the CDs where I hade them. What a silly way to kill an afternoon. But wait, it gets better! I noticed I had a lot of songs ripped from "Greatest Hits" CDs, and I thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be cool to figure out which albums those songs originally came from, and use THAT cover art for them?" So now I'm using iTunes and Amazon and Google to look up track lists so I can sort everything by their proper albums. Just so I can look at the pretty album covers flipping by as I browse. I am a sad, sad, man.

(FYI, I'm hearing a lot of reports of bugginess in the new iTunes -- crashes, sound quality issues, problems syncing up certain models of iPods, etc. I haven't had any trouble, but you might want to hold off downloading it until they update it again.)
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The new toy has arrived!



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