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are available exclusively through Indy Planet!

Order print or digital copies here!

Issues #1-22 are still available directly from me (see below).
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Now through Monday, all print and digital comics are 25% off at IndyPlanet! Perfect time to grab copies of FANTASY THEATER #23 & 24! :D

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Cartoon Network, have your people call my people...

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Those of you who follow my comics: What's your favorite Glorianna story?
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and your favorite Lady Spectra & Sparky story?
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Steven Myers reveals how the Lady Spectra - Lizard Man team-up came to be. Namely, he did all the work, and I took all the credit... ;-)

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The new issue of FANTASY THEATER is here!

This issue features a brand-new LADY SPECTRA story by me and Steven Myers, guest-starring Steven's own reptilian brawler, LIZARD MAN! Together, our heroes face the menace of the sinister POISON IVORY, and the all-powerful GODMOTHER!

Also in this issue, GLORIANNA is caught in a war between the sword-wielding amazons of the OJHAL, and the hi-tech cult of SYONS! And what Glori learns in the heat of battle will shock her to her core!

Plus, as always, we have our extensive letters column and fan art section!

For this issue, I am (gasp!) sticking a toe into the 21st century, and making the book available through the online distributor INDY PLANET. Which means color covers and quality printing on nice paper, plus the ability to order via credit card. If this goes over well, look for future (and possibly past) issues to be turn up there as well. Be sure to let me know what you think!

You can order FANTASY THEATER #23 here:

or if you'd prefer a digital download version, go here:
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Robert Sodaro over at Examiner.com gives a shout-out to Fantasy Theater in his comics column:

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Thought I posted an announcement about this already, but apparently not. Me am dum.

FANTASY THEATER #22 is available, 32 pages of black-and-white, digest-sized goodness featuring Glorianna in "The Art of Murder" and Capella in "The Beast From Within!". Plus a hefty letters column and pin-ups from Brian Payne and the indefatigable Ronson Butler. Ordering info is in the sticky post at the top of this journal. Woo!
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Comp copies of FANTASY THEATER #21 have gone out to the usual suspects, so keep an eye on your mailbox. Otherwise, you can PayPal me $2.00 to score a copy of your own, or see here for mail order information. Trades are also welcome.
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FANTASY THEATER #21 is a 36-page black & white digest, with two stories starring our favorite wandering barbarian, Glorianna: "Below" and "Solstice". Plus letters, fan art, and a brand new cover, all in convenient dead tree form!
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First page of a Capella story I'm working on for the next issue of Fantasy Theater:

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Steve Keeter reviews the latest Fantasy Theater! (starts around the 3:40 mark)


Thanks, Steve!
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The SPACE con is this weekend in Columbus. I'm not exhibiting this year, but I will be wandering around on Saturday with copies of the new Fantasy Theater.
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Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Character Balance Meme
by ~JKCarrier on deviantART

I'm not sure I completely buy into the premise here, but it's interesting to see how your characters "chart". No surprise that Lady Spectra is completely out of whack. ;-)

Original blank template is here:
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My old buddy Ray Tomczak name-checks Fantasy Theater in his look back at the '90s indy comicbook scene:
Thanks, Ray!
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There's an interview with yours truly up on the FRPMods site:


It's mostly about the modding work I've done for the old PC game "Freedom Force", but we talked a little bit about my comics, too.
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The 19th issue of my minicomic FANTASY THEATER is now available.
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In the past, I've just done simple type treatments for the covers of my comic, in the interest of letting the artwork dominate. But I finally decided I really ought to have an official Fantasy Theater logo. This still needs some tweaking, but I'm happy with the overall look.
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A friend of mine once observed that artists throw artwork at me like women throwing their hotel room keys at Tom Jones. I'm pleased to say that trend continues:

Completely out of the blue, Rene Blansette (creator of the terrific comic THIEF) sent me a 7-page Starhoppers story that he wrote and drew. He did a great job on it, and you'll get to see it in FANTASY THEATER #19, hopefully early in the new year.


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