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This is fun: Someone cooked up statistics for Glorianna for the "Mutants & Masterminds" game. I don't know enough about that system to judge the accuracy, but it's a kick that someone liked the strip enough to go to the trouble:

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Day 2 of the Five Day Art Challenge is all about the ladies:
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It was pointed out to me that the latest GLORIANNA update was page #500. So there's a thing. Huh.
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I took part in a random art exchange over at ComicFury.

Shastab24 drew Glorianna:

and I drew the characters from kyte114's "Magic Rising":

It was an interesting and fun challenge. I need to do more of this sort of thing.
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I added a fan art section to the GLORIANNA site, including a great new piece by Joe Kleinman (creator of the webcomic "Wootlabs"):

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With Webcomicsnation apparently down for the count, I've got GLORIANNA set up on a new site. I'll continue to post new strips on DeviantART as well, but this site has all the old archives:


I'll have a new LADY SPECTRA site up in a couple days. Thanks for your patience!

If you use an RSS reader, the feed is http://glorianna.webcomic.ws/rss/
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Cartoon Network, have your people call my people...

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Those of you who follow my comics: What's your favorite Glorianna story?
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and your favorite Lady Spectra & Sparky story?
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The new issue of FANTASY THEATER is here!

This issue features a brand-new LADY SPECTRA story by me and Steven Myers, guest-starring Steven's own reptilian brawler, LIZARD MAN! Together, our heroes face the menace of the sinister POISON IVORY, and the all-powerful GODMOTHER!

Also in this issue, GLORIANNA is caught in a war between the sword-wielding amazons of the OJHAL, and the hi-tech cult of SYONS! And what Glori learns in the heat of battle will shock her to her core!

Plus, as always, we have our extensive letters column and fan art section!

For this issue, I am (gasp!) sticking a toe into the 21st century, and making the book available through the online distributor INDY PLANET. Which means color covers and quality printing on nice paper, plus the ability to order via credit card. If this goes over well, look for future (and possibly past) issues to be turn up there as well. Be sure to let me know what you think!

You can order FANTASY THEATER #23 here:

or if you'd prefer a digital download version, go here:
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So it turns out that, unlike Wikipedia, TV Tropes doesn't care about "notability", nor do they mind if you write your own entries. So I spent some time figuring out their format and markup code, and created these:


If you're a Troper, feel free to go in and add any tropes I missed!
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So, in the most recent Glorianna strip...
...Duke Ludwig reveals his "true self".

The question: Where have we seen this guy (or possibly a close relative) before?

Correct answers will win a prize. Incorrect answers probably will too...
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I didn't do a holiday-themed strip this year, because I didn't want to interrupt the storyline just as it was getting good. ;-) But here's last year's "Solstice" strip, for those who missed it:


Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a prosperous new year! Thanks for your friendship and support!
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Comp copies of FANTASY THEATER #21 have gone out to the usual suspects, so keep an eye on your mailbox. Otherwise, you can PayPal me $2.00 to score a copy of your own, or see here for mail order information. Trades are also welcome.
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FANTASY THEATER #21 is a 36-page black & white digest, with two stories starring our favorite wandering barbarian, Glorianna: "Below" and "Solstice". Plus letters, fan art, and a brand new cover, all in convenient dead tree form!
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So I'm looking through the user stats for the webcomic, seeing where visitors are tuning in from, and this one pops up:

Okay, so it probably wasn't Wasilla's most famous resident checking out my comics. But wouldn't that be a hoot?
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A match made in heaven?
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I am generally not in favor of artists going back and re-doing old work. Leave the past in the past and use that time and energy for something new. But Tim Fischer and I were talking about doing something together, and the idea of revisiting the first Glorianna story came up. I don't remember which of us suggested it first, but it felt right. I think there's still a lot to like about the original, but there's a lot of missteps too, structurally and thematically. And of course, Tim can draw circles around me.

All of which is my long-winded way of saying: Check out the new (and hopefully improved) "Glorianna and the Children of Woe" on Tim's site:


The first 8-page chapter is up now, with more to come.

(For comparison's sake, the original is here:
Try not to laugh too hard at that goofy muppet I tried to pass off as a "giant serpent")
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It's always interesting (or "interesting") to see what Google search terms are leading people to my comics:

Most of these are self-explanatory. The Disney Gargoyles references (I get a ton of these) come from Will Terrell's fan art, where I mentioned that he worked on the Gargoyles comics.

"Teen boat"? Dave Roman and John Green do a webcomic by that name, but how you get from there to my stuff, I dunno.

"Sexting"? Your guess is as good as mine.

"Crap"? Like I said, self-explanatory. ;-)
(actually, it probably comes from the dialogue on this page)
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Tim Fischer at the Gem City Comic Con, talking a bit about Glorianna and his other work:


You can see more of Tim's work at http://www.comix-mill.com/


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