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So, I entered this contest to win a free drawing by Dan Butcher, of "Vanguard" fame. If y'all could swing by and cast a vote for Lady Spectra, I'd sure appreciate it:

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So, in the most recent Glorianna strip...
...Duke Ludwig reveals his "true self".

The question: Where have we seen this guy (or possibly a close relative) before?

Correct answers will win a prize. Incorrect answers probably will too...
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No, I haven't developed a stutter... [personal profile] layla is giving away a free copy of her latest comics collection, FREEBIRD. The catch? You have to recommend a cool webcomic or book to her:

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Huh. Looks like I won the Webcomics Alliance "Fill in the Caption" contest. Neat.

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Looks like my Thor/Queen mash-up won last week's Friday Night Fights. Go, me!

Now what the heck do I do for an encore THIS week...?
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Gerhard, longtime background artist on Cerebus, has his own website:
(spotted by Newsarama)

Bob Dylan songs that would make great comic books:

Congratulations to Tom Arguello for winning the Shadowline "Who Wants to Create a Super-Heroine?" contest with his pitch "Incredible Journey":
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The five finalists for the Shadowline "Who Wants to Create a Super-Heroine?" contest are now up for voting:

(you'll have to register with the forum if you want to vote)

At the risk of sounding like Mr. Sour Grapes, none of these really blew my socks off. I ended up voting for "I Hate Galaxy Girl", which at least sounds kinda fun.
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Congratulations to the 10 Semi-Finalists of the Shadowline Create-A-Superheroine contest:

1. Tom Arguello
2. Corey Brotherson
3. Kat Cahill
4. DeWayne Feenstra
5. John Karoauk
6. Dirk Manning
7. Rev. C. Edward Sellner
8. Joe Sergi
9. Aaron Settle
10. Kristopher Waddell

Mad props to these folks for beating out close to 5,000 other entries to make the top ten.

My losing entries are behind the cut, for those who are curious:
Read more... )
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Ended up sending two entries to the Shadowline Create-A-Superheroine contest. These are new characters; I thought about pitching Lady Spectra & Sparky, but the editor mentioned that she didn't really want teams or duos. I really like what I came up with, so I'll probably end up doing them as minicomics or something even if I don't win (like I need any more characters to juggle). We'll see what happens.
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Interesting coincidence: all 3 of the winners in the big Fidget giveaway hail from Ontario. Your books should go out in the next day or two. (Send me your address, Marcy!)
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Just got the newest issue of T. Richard Litz & Dan Kellaway's hilarious minicomic FIDGET. Dan sent me a few extra copies, with instructions to spread the love. So here goes:

The first 3 people to post a comment will get a FREE copy of FIDGET #16. That's 8 rib-tickling pages of "24" spoofs, Mongolian Fried Chicken, and Knife-Fighting With Entertainers for the low, low price of $0.00. Such a deal! Order now, operators are standing by!


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