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Making comics is mostly a pretty straightforward process. You come up with an idea, write a script, draw it (or trick someone else into drawing it for you), and toss it up on the internet. Boom. Done.

But the most recent Lady Spectra story, "Changing Spots", went through some weird twists and turns on the way from concept to finished product. I thought people might enjoy a peek behind the curtain. SPOILERS AHEAD.
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Al Schroeder has just wrapped up his webcomic "A Reasonable Case" -- an illustrated lecture where he argues that there is scientific evidence for the existence of God. The science gets pretty rarified in spots, and I don't agree with all of his premises or conclusions, but it's a fascinating argument, and a good example of what comics can do beyond traditional narratives. Check it out:

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Speaking of the ComicFury art exchange, here's the awesome LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY piece that I got from Crystal Circle:

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I drew the characters from the webcomic "Silver" for the ComicFury Summer Fan Art Exchange! Check it out:

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Lora Innes of The Dreamer is having a fan art contest, so I had to jump in:

The Dreamer fan art contest entry
by JKCarrier on deviantART
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Looks like WebcomicsNation is back up. Yay? I guess I'll keep uploading the strips there, for anyone who hasn't found their way to the new sites yet.
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I drew a page for Zach Jordan's webcomic HEXX:


(My page is fairly tame, but the rest of the site does have some NSFW material)
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Erika Moen's new webcomic "Oh Joy Sex Toy" is nominally about, you guessed it, sex toys. But she also uses it as a vehicle to discuss broader issues of sexuality and related health issues. In the latest strip, she examines an interesting alternative to traditional tampons. Guys, you'll want to share this with the women in your life. And read it yourself for a little more insight into that monthly fact of life. Not Safe For Work, but well worth your time.

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Check out the pin-up I drew for Robin Dempsey's webcomic LEYLINES:

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Here's a clever idea...a page that lets you sample dozens of webcomics at once by showing you just one panel of each:


I submitted Glori and Spectra, and I'm already getting hits from it.
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I'm a big fan of Christine Smith's comics "Eve's Apple" and "The Princess". Her latest project is "Pay It No Mind!", which she describes as "a webcomic history of gender outsiders", and it looks like another winner. Check it out:

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No, I haven't developed a stutter... [personal profile] layla is giving away a free copy of her latest comics collection, FREEBIRD. The catch? You have to recommend a cool webcomic or book to her:

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Al Schroeder's terrific webcomic "Mindmistress" recently wrapped up after a ten-year run. I drew a bit of fan art to commemorate the occasion, and Al has it up on the webpage:

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Huh. Looks like I won the Webcomics Alliance "Fill in the Caption" contest. Neat.


With Fetus

Jun. 18th, 2012 01:41 pm
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These folks were kind enough to give Glorianna a plug, and I'm happy to return the favor because this is a darned interesting strip. It's a comedy set in an abortion clinic. I know, you're cringing already. But from what I've seen, they're handling the subject with a great deal of smarts, compassion, and heart. Obviously not a comic for everyone, but if you're in the mood for something a little bit different and a whole lot thought-provoking, take a look.
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Any Russian speakers out there? Someone got referred to my webcomic by doing a search for "леди спектра". I hope it's not dirty...
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I supplied guest-artwork for the latest episode of Jens Altmann's strip "Made of Fail":


Wolverine and Deadpool...I'll never live it down... D:
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It's always interesting (or "interesting") to see what Google search terms are leading people to my comics:

Most of these are self-explanatory. The Disney Gargoyles references (I get a ton of these) come from Will Terrell's fan art, where I mentioned that he worked on the Gargoyles comics.

"Teen boat"? Dave Roman and John Green do a webcomic by that name, but how you get from there to my stuff, I dunno.

"Sexting"? Your guess is as good as mine.

"Crap"? Like I said, self-explanatory. ;-)
(actually, it probably comes from the dialogue on this page)


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