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Taking a breather for the holidays.
"Point of No Return" will continue next week.
Meanwhile, enjoy this bit of vintage Glori fan art by Will Terrell:

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My old buddy Will Terrell talks about learning to draw and making a career out of cartooning:

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Master doodler Will Terrell lays it out for you:

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Nothing cooler than watching a master at work:

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Will updates us on the status of his "Super Zeroes" strip. More importantly, we get to watch his beautiful, deft inking in action...sweet.
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It's always interesting (or "interesting") to see what Google search terms are leading people to my comics:

Most of these are self-explanatory. The Disney Gargoyles references (I get a ton of these) come from Will Terrell's fan art, where I mentioned that he worked on the Gargoyles comics.

"Teen boat"? Dave Roman and John Green do a webcomic by that name, but how you get from there to my stuff, I dunno.

"Sexting"? Your guess is as good as mine.

"Crap"? Like I said, self-explanatory. ;-)
(actually, it probably comes from the dialogue on this page)

News Links

Mar. 16th, 2009 02:08 pm
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Awesome artist and Fantasy Theater contributor Will Terrell has a new 'n improved website:

David Chelsea is doing a 24-hour comic benefit for ailing underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson:
(thanks to Donna Barr for the heads-up)
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My ol' pal Will Terrell is organizing a comics show in Lubbock, Texas to coincide with Free Comic Book Day:


You folks down in the area, show up and give Will a wedgie for me, 'kay? :-)
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You all remember Will Terrell, right? The awesome, awesome artist? Yeah, that Will Terrell. Anyway, he's doing the coloring for a sweet-looking new fantasy comic from Ape Entertainment, The Goblin Chronicles. Check out the website, and then tell your comics shop that you want, like, ten copies.
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Sample pages from "Maze of Death", a work in progress by me (script) and Will Terrell (artwork):

And two more pages:


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